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Time Delay Locks

Time Delay Locks

Time delay combination locks are very popular with banks and financial institutions. They are used to incorporate into money safes as a method to stop armed robbery. Most time delay locks are also equipped with a duress code, which when entered can send a silent alarm to a security company.

Today modern time delay locks can have many features such as multiple different codes, pre-set time lock settings and a full audit trail providing a detailed record of the lock history showing who opened the lock, when and how long it was open.


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Benefits of using a time delay lock

Whether you need it for your safe or for an entry door, a time delay lock can provide the security solution you need. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider a time delay lock for your safe.

1. Prevent Armed Robbery

Time delay locks gives you an extra level of security. If you are ever held at gun point you can enter the code for the safe or entry door, but the lock will not open right away. The delay may cause robbers to flee or it might provide the police enough time to come to your assistance.

2. Send a silent alarm to authorities

Most time delay locks have the option to enter a duress code that will send a silent alarm to authorities. The robbers will not suspect that you have set off an alarm and it will seem as if you are cooperating. You will get the help you need more quickly which can save your life and the life’s of your workers.

3. Easily change the codes

When you have a keyed lock the key can easily be stolen or copied. With a time delay lock you can easily changes the codes when an employee quits or gets fired. You can also create multiple codes for each employee.

4. Create preset times

With a time delay lock you can set preset time when the safe should open or remain closed. For example, it can be programmed not to open after hours or on days you are closed. It can also be programmed to remain closed while you are on vacation or closed for a holiday.

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