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PSIRA – Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority

AAA Locksmiths is a full PSIRA member since 2005 (Nr. 1114604)

PSIRA was established in 2002 with the vision to be recognized as an excellent regulator of private security in South Africa. They aim to protect the constitutional rights of all and regulate the private security industry and exercise effective control over the industry.

The Authority regulates the Private Security Industry by means of:

· Registration of service providers & Security officers

· Ensuring compliance & adherence to PSIRA ACT and all other laws applicable to security service providers

· By being an accredited training security service provider

· Receiving and investigating complaints against service providers & prosecute non-compliant service providers

· Rendering advice on private security to consumers and the state.

Everyone who operates within the Security Industry is obliged to register. This includes those individuals who sell, install security equipment. Should you fail to register with PSIRA if you offer or render any such service, it will be a criminal offence. To be able to register with PSIRA, you need to meet the following requirements:

· You need to be a South African citizen and/or be an individual that has permanent residence in South Africa.

· You have to be at least 18 years old

· You need to have done the relevant training for being a security service provider

· You need to have no criminal record for at least ten years prior to your application for registration.

· If you were a former member of any official military, police, security or intelligence force, you need to hand in a Clearance Certificate.

· You need to have good mental health

As soon as the application and registration is completed, the individual will receive a certificate of registration & one of identification from PSIRA. Should your registration be unsuccessful, the registration fee will be refunded to the applicant.

When looking for a security provider, always use a PSIRA registered service provider. Not only are they bound by a code of conduct, but their credentials can be verified on the PSIRA website or via a call to any of the offices.

For more detailed information, visit PSIRA’s website

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