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LASA – Locksmiths Association of South Africa


AAA Locksmiths are proud to be registered at The Locksmiths Association of South Africa. They have branches all over the country: Eastern Province, Free State, Gauteng, KZN, Northern Province en the Western Cape, where AAA Locksmiths are based.

This Association is governed by a Code of Ethics which all members must comply with. There are various classes of memberships, which falls under the following categories:

Full membership: These are employers in the Locksmith trade who is actively involved in all or some operations of the Locksmith Trade.

Associate Membership: These are members engaged in the education of potential members and their apprentices.

Trade membership:  Any member who manufacture or wholesale distribute to Full members (Items such as locking devices or tools).

Key cutter membership:  A member who creates duplicates keys and a key cutting service to the general public with authorization.

Naturally, should certain keys get into the hands of the wrong individual, a lot of damage / loss can occur and therefor the locksmith industry is regulated by Act of Parliament and falls under the auspices of the Private Security Regulatory Authority. AAA Locksmiths are also a member of PSIRA (REG No 1114604).

Benefits of being a member of The Locksmith Association of South Africa:

Invaluable expertise in problem solving, workshops and training according to National Standards is just some of the benefits you have. You will have access to certain products confined to LASA members, such as restricted profile key blanks etc. Full members have the use of the logo on their promotional items, such as their stationary and websites.

LASA is the officially recognized National organization that represents the Locksmiths Industry.

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