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9 Home Security Tips

9 Home Security Tips

Do you feel unsafe when you to bed at night? Do strange noises frighten you and wake you up at Night? If so you need to put your mind at peace. Your home should be a safe haven was you can relax and unwind from a hard day’s work. Your home should be a place where you can enjoy time with your family and friends. If you feel unsafe at home you should probably follow these steps to make your home more secure and put your mind at ease.

1. Lock up properly

I know that this may sound a bit obvious, but you would not believe how many people forget to lock their doors and windows when they go to sleep. This is especially true in the summer months when we are in the habit of leaving the balcony door open. If you have window locks make sure you use them. Many thieves use window locks as a method of gaining access to your home because they are often left open. Always keep your keys in a safe place that cannot be reached by opportunistic burglars. It is a common practice by thieves to get hold of your keys by hooking it through your doors letterbox opening.

2. Call your local locksmith

It is best to make sure that your home is equipped with the best and most secure locks. Your local locksmith can assist you in choosing the best locks and installing them in your home. Old and rusted locked will give unwanted intruders the impression that your home security is inadequate. To ensure the safety of your family it is worth investing in secure quality locks. Your local locksmith will also be able to tell you where the week spots are in your home.

3. Install a good alarm

An alarm can make a massive noise when your house is disturbed which will alert neighbors and frighten the burglars. Fitting a good alarm system can make a big difference before a thief even sets foot in your home. Thieves are far less likely to break into a home that is fitted with a good alarm system.

4. Make your garden secure

Another popular method for thieves to get access to your home is through your garden. Make sure your garden is secure by using gates, fences and ensuring that the back door is locked properly. Garden tools can also be valuable items so always make sure that they are locked away safely.

5. Use security lights

Having security lights is another effective method of scaring of potential burglars and reduces the chances of being burgled. Most burglars look for opportunities to break in to your home, so do not give them any opportunities.

6. Secure the front door

Your first line of defense should always be to ensure that both your front and back doors have robust locks with visible chains. This can greatly help prevent potential intruders from entering your home. In order to see who is behind the door it is a good idea to install a small peep hole. Contact your local locksmith so that they can install high security locks at your home to increase your homes security.

7. Don’t let strangers in

Again this is very obvious but most people open the door without thinking twice when they hear a knock on the door. The sad truth is that are people who try to con their way into your home. Thieves will pretend to be anyone from sale people to local charities. Never invite someone from the door step and always look out for badges and forms of identification. Some burglars will stake out the area and will look at the routines of people. It is a good practice to stay vigilant and vary your routines often.

8. Lock valuables away

Valuable items that are fully visible is an open invitation to thieves to come and steel from you. If you live in an area that has a high crime rate then you might want to consider insuring your valuable items. Investing in a quality safe is one of the best ways to protect your most valuable items.

9. Join the neighborhood watch

A neighborhood watches scheme can be very effective in preventing crime in your area. If your neighborhood does not have a neighborhood watch it is still a good idea to get to know your neighbors. When you are away from home they can keep a watchful eye on your property.

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